Package org.jets3t.tests

Provides JUnit test cases of jets3t functionality.


Class Summary
BaseStorageServiceTests Runs generic functional tests that any storage service implementation should be able to perform.
FakeS3Server Very basic implementation of an S3 server-side stub that can fake certain S3 interactions including: Logging in using S3-stored credentials (passphrase/password=please/please) Listing buckets Listing the contents of an empty bucket Allowing for PUT uploads, with generation and comparison of an MD5 digest for data received
PutViaSocket Very basic client implementation able to PUT files into S3 using the Java socket implementation directly, with no HTTP library or transport of any kind.
TestGoogleStorageService Test cases specific to general S3 compatibility -- that is, features supported by both S3 and Google Storage.
TestGoogleStorageServiceOAuth Test Google Storage OAuth Access.
TestRestS3Service Test the RestS3Service against the S3 endpoint, and apply tests specific to S3.
TestRestS3ServiceToGoogleStorage Test the S3-targetted RestS3Service against the Google Storage endpoint.

Package org.jets3t.tests Description

Provides JUnit test cases of jets3t functionality.

Running Test Cases

Test cases can be run using the ANT target junit-tests.

To run these tests, ensure your copy of ANT is correctly set up to run the junit target.