Package org.jets3t.gui

Graphical components used by GUI JetS3t applications Cockpit and Uploader.


Interface Summary
HyperlinkActivatedListener Listener responsible for following HTML links that have been activated.

Class Summary
AuthenticationDialog Dialog box for a user to enter authentication information for HTTP communication, such as NT or Basic authentication.
CopyObjectsDialog Dialog for choosing the destination bucket for an Object copy operation, and specifying how the copy will be performed.
ErrorDialog An Error dialog that displays information about an error that has occurred.
GuiUtils Utility methods for GUI-related tasks.
ItemPropertiesDialog Dialog to display detailed information about an S3Bucket or a set of S3Objects.
JHtmlLabel Enhanced version of JLabel that changes the mouse curser to indicate when it passes over a clickable HTML HREF link, and triggers a listener to follow the link when it is clicked.
ManageDistributionsDialog Dialog box for displaying and modifying CloudFront distributions.
ObjectsAttributesDialog Dialog to display detailed information about one or more S3Objects, and optionally to allow the objects metadata attributes to be modified.
ProgressDialog A modal dialog box to display progress information to the user when a long-lived task is running.
ProgressPanel A panel that displays the progress of a task in a progress bar, and allows the task to be cancelled.
TableSorter TableSorter is a decorator for TableModels; adding sorting functionality to a supplied TableModel.
UserInputFields Utility class to manage User Inputs by representing the possible user input fields as GUI elements, providing the panel that contains these GUI elements, and providing the user's inputs into the GUI items as properties.

Package org.jets3t.gui Description

Graphical components used by GUI JetS3t applications Cockpit and Uploader.